Competence is the ability to perform a particular job in compliance with performance standards (this encompasses technical requirements, skills, and relevant knowledge) to enable the job to be carried successfully under different conditions and to handle emergency situations that arises. Competence can be eroded by the passing of time, through lack of practice, introduction of new equipment and techniques. A management system should be in place so that loss of competence can be quickly identified and rectified.

These days, a shrinking workforce, competition for recruits, talent retention issues, and the unique challenges of workforce are major challenges for industries.  In many situations there will be a need for individuals to have adequate level of competence in associate subjects, for instance, managers and supervisors need to be competent in communication skills, delegation of work and other personal management issues.
For most of the industries there are often no second chances accordingly It has always been Important to invest wisely in Competency Assessment and coaching projects. Our competence Assessment and Coaching  will provide evidence that the person has acceptable knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out the identified risk successfully, efficiently and safely.

What We Can Offer
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  • HSE Competency Assessment and Coaching
  • Design and implementation of HSE training plans